ARGH is an iPhone 3GS game where you use your iPhone as a set of Ghost Goggles to see into the ethereal plane. Ghosts actually exist in specific locations everywhere. Some only inhabit certain locations and others show only during certain times.

Using Augmented Reality technology, ARGH determines where you are and where you’re facing, and shows you what ghosts exist around you.

ARGH is a bit different from most games you might have played before. What you see actually depends on where you physically are, what day it is and what time of day it is. There’s almost certainly ghosts around you, but what happens when you get the “Area Cleared” message?

In order to find more ghosts, turn off your goggles and try enabling them when you’ve moved somewhere else or try the same places at a different time of the day. For example, there’s some ghosts that only appear during hours most of us sleep. Play around, experiment a bit and you’ll soon find yourself identifying more forms!

It looks like we’re now in the App Store! If you’re interested in joining the Bureau and getting your Ghost Goggles, head on over and start hunting ghosts! We’d of course appreciate any feedback you might give us.

If you happen to feel like giving us a stellar review, we of course wouldn’t take issue with that. We have much planned for the future of ARGH and any help from you would be really appreciated!