Am I the only one that hates these? I think that if you buy-in to a tournament you should get the one chance at it and that’s it. I know that the extra money only adds to what gets paid out and that only helps to the people who do make the money but still I don’t care for it. What do you think?

I don’t like them at all. It gives an advantage to the gamblers who just try a few nonsense all-ins in the hope they can make a big stack and rely on bully-gambling. In a non-rebuy they would be pruned from a tournament in the early stages. In the Friday game at the Manchester club some sit down with a stack of real-money rebuy chips larger than the starting tournament chips and often get through them all in the first half hour. It’s almost like they are starting with 15,000 instead of 1,500. Even with no clue they are statistically going to end up with 5,000 at some point in the first half hour.

So how would anyone play them then? I usually if ever have a low bankroll to start anywhere and most of what I see at the low buy-ins are rebuys. I am an even worse cash game player than a tournament player so I stay away from those.

I don’t know how it’s done, but the good players obviously manage. I gamble a tonne, plays lots of hand…look to get in coin flip all in pre-flop situations….and pretty much look to build a stack…then I add on and play good solid poker once the rebuy ends…

I’ve never done well in any type of tournament by getting an early stack. My best results always come when I bump along near the bottom of the list then get a good run at the end. That includes wins not just cashes. Meanwhile, many of the get a big stack early people don’t even make the bubble, despite all the money they have thrown away on rebuys.

And yes I hate rebuys, the idiots are even bigger idiots than in freerolls. If you want to avoid adding more than your fair share of suck out threads avoid playing in them. Those big stacks that are out before the bubble are also the ones who occasionally win one of those rebuy tournaments. And the amount of money they win is at least 50 times the amount they lost in the previous 10 tournaments. The gamblers want to WIN and not just make the money. Going all in every hand is a good way of getting chips.

Understanding and accepting different playstyles will make you a better player.