The Celebrity Bingo is turning into a phenomenal hit, not just in the small circles, but also for the athletic figures and also for those in the showbiz.

For the celebrities and for people under constant spotlight it has turned out to be a way of not only having fun but also a way of raising a great bit of money for charity. With the expansion of the game of Bingo online websites like bingo Hollywood are offering their visitors games by dint of which you can bring in Hollywood right into Bingo.

It has made the term bingohollywood a trendy motto. In recent time the Bingo galas and contests held in the UK and USA stars like Rupert Murdoch, Troy Brown were the few of the many who did both hosted and also participated.

In accordance to the Christian Rose Day the reporter of the London Paper, the online bingo phenomenon is turning into a trend not cutting out the celebrities, that has expanded like wildfire and is turning into a source of fun and entertainment especially for those who are in and out of the blitz, in accordance to Day the number of people attending the game of bingo is more than even any one of the EPL or THE Scottish soccer matches combined.

With such type of reception the addictiveness of the internet bingo is turning into an epidemic more like the gambling and also well perceived and coverage by the press. Adding to the popularity of the game of bingo there’s been an interactive DVD game which is made by the renowned actor Ricky Tomlinson.

The game predominantly features Tomlinson as the interactive host, having distinctive personalities in every single virtual scene. Games like this is doing nothing but just increasing the reception of the game of bingo and also offering people to play the game sitting right at the comfort of their home.