ARGH: Augmented Reality Ghost Hunter is a game coming soon for the iPhone 3GS. Get it for Halloween!

As a new cadet of the Bureau, we’ve provided you with the tools to tackle the recent increase in paranormal activity. Take a peek into the afterlife all around you. We always suspected they were there but now with these Ghost Goggles, you will actually be able to see and capture spirits and spectres.

Collect different ghosts located in physical locations all over the world. Explore your REAL WORLD environment and discover the phantoms that share our space.


  • Augmented reality application that uses the full power of your iPhone 3GS (Ghost System)
  • Discover ghosts in your actual environment
  • Search other locations for rare sightings
  • Experiment with different times to find the finicky night owls or the early rising ghosts of our world
  • Original atmospheric score

Prove the existence of ghosts by sharing your captures with your friends on Twitter or by email. This is only the beginning of a large array of ghost hunting tools. Stay tuned as the Bureau researches new technologies!